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Raft accommodation

by Khao Sok National Park


No signal, no phone, no Wi-Fi, no comfort.
There is only silence here. only the sound of the forest

Ton Toey Bamboo Ratf House  : beautiful, peaceful, dam raft Cheow Lan, which is suitable for relaxation, is the best raft in Cheow Lan Lake, Khao Sok National Park. 


Fellow tourists have known is Phae Ton Toey or Klong Pae raft, located deep in the Khlong Pae area on west side South of Cheow Lan Dam which is close to another important tourist attraction, Tham Nam Thalu, the accommodation of the raft Ton Toey is a traditional bamboo hut. in harmony with nature and filled with the most charm This is a good place to stay. Relax in the midst of peaceful nature. Fresh air and beautiful scenery The surrounding area has mountains and trees. Nanaphan is thick and dense.

As a result, there are various kinds of wild animals frequented here for tourists to always see each other. Especially the boar and the hornbill. The hornbill is a large bird that is an indicator of the fertility of the forest as well. with this information Make this Cheow Lan Dam National Park Raft a favorite of tourists, especially foreigners.

  • Fan room

  • Shared bathrooms are separated on the shore. 

  • check out no later than 9:00 a.m.

  • Time to pay electricity 06.00am -10.00 pm hrs.

  • No networks signals.

  • It takes 1.30  hour from the Cheow Lan Dam pier.

Ton Toei Bamboo Raft House

Ton Toey raft or Klong Pae raft, one of the rafts in the Cheow Lan Dam National Park consisting of Nang Phrai rafts, Klong Ka rafts and rafts. Kraison is serviced by Khao Sok National Park itself. It is a raft that can be said to be both the farthest and the deepest that it is located deep. into the Klong Pae area on the southwestern side of the Cheow Lan Dam Air distance away from the surfing port The trip is about 23 kilometers, but considering the distance of the cruise, it is more than 27 kilometers.

Ton Toey raft is quite unique in that its location is not like other rafts at Cheow Lan Dam. located deep in Klong Pae which is one of the branches of the Cheow Lan Dam Klong Pae is not as wide as Klong Long. Khlong Wang, Khlong Mui and Khlong Ka Phae Toey Toey therefore doesn't have a view of the water that is as wide as the eye can see like Phae Kraisorn?


commodation at Cheow Lan Dam located in other canals, but this one stands out more with the surrounding area with mountains and greenery. thickly, making here many kinds of wild animals frequent for tourists to always see each other, including wild boars, gaurs, barking deer Deer, tapirs, and hornbills A large bird that is an indicator of the health of the forest. In this regard, Paton Toey is also the location of the office. "Khao Sok National Park Protection Unit No. Kor Sor 4 (Khlong Pae)" as well


diet As for the food here Guarantee that it's delicious and right for sure. with delicious food in our southern style from the menu Fresh freshwater fish inside the Ratchaprapha Dam Reservoir, such as sour soup, boiled fish, fish curry, fried fish, various kinds of fruits and vegetables are added. definitely full

Major attractions nearby There is only one major attraction of Cheow Lan Dam located near Phae Ton Toei, namely Tham Nam Talu, a hidden cave. In the middle of the deep forest, we have to walk through the rainforest that has to cross several streams. The characteristics of Tham Nam Talu have special characteristics that The stream flows through the cave like a water cave. Inside the cave, there is a strange and wonderful beauty.

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