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Khao Sok: Full-Day Bamboo Rafting

Duration  approximately:  2 hours 
Depart: from 09:00 — 16:00


Floating down the river on a traditional bamboo raft is an amazing way to see this drastic landscape and if you’re lucky you may even see some of the amazing wildlife that lives here.


Relax as your guides gently steer the bamboo rafts downstream while you admire the dramatic limestone mountains and serene sounds of the jungle. 


Stop at the river bank for some trekking and relaxing in the front of a limestone cave after enjoying a coffee break. This coffee is made in a bamboo stick and served in bamboo cups, which you can take home with you.

This tour can be booked at any point during the day, starting from 8am until the last possible tour at around 4:00 PM

1,200 THB / person

Day Trip Khao Sok Bamboo Rafting .

Touring the Sok River via Bamboo Raft is one of the oldest forms of transport in Thailand, in the past, this form of transportation was used to connect the Chinese trading town of Takuapa with the port of Surat Thani.

In today´s environment, the Khao Sok region boats one of the most spectacular routes through the towering limestone cliffs via Bamboo Raft.


During the slow-paced rafting adventure, visitors will be able to fully soak in the surrounding scenery while on the lookout for the riverbank roaming wildlife. Each Raft can support a maximum of 2 guests, while the floats are handmade, they are surprisingly stable and maneuverable. But don´t worry you will be accompanied by your local captain, who will safely steer you through the ancient trading route.


Half-way through the journey, you will stop and disembark from the raft at a small cave, where hot water will be boiled over an open fire for your picturesque coffee experience As the journey comes to an end, there’s even a chance to try your hand at punting the raft yourself – a skill that’s not as easy as it looks!


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