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Best jungle trek
Distances vary, 2–3 hours, moderate


Skirting the southern side of Cheow Lan lake, the dense forest and towering limestone karsts of Khao Sok make the national park one of the best jungle treks in southern Thailand. With 48 mammals roaming the forests, there’s plenty of excellent wildlife spotting opportunities too. It’s gibbons, macaques and barking deer for the most part, but more elusive species such as sun bears, clouded leopards and tigers have been known to make an appearance too.


Several trails, each around 12km (7.5 miles) long, start from Khao Sok village on the southern edge of the park. They then cut through dense forest and wind past tumbling waterfalls until they reach the southern shore of the lake.


In October and December, the world’s largest (and smelliest) parasitic flower, the Rafflesia kerrii, blooms, which can be quite a sight. Post-hike, Cheow Lan's floating homestays, surrounded by fang-like karsts that rise from the water, are a popular spot to experience the lake and the northern side of the reserve.

There are plenty of trails around the headquarters area and the lake. Only a couple of these trails around the headquarters can be walked without a guide. All other trails in the park strictly require a guide to walk. Visitors are not recommended to walk longer trails on their own by breaking the national park rules. There is a significant chance to get lost.

Local non-English speaking guides can be arranged from the visitor center, agencies or hotels in Khao Sok Village. While it is possible to walk in and arrange a guide during the low seasons, the guides must be arranged at least a day in advance in the high seasons. Guides charge for half day, a full day hike and Night hiking from 6 pm till 9 pm.


Best jungle trek
Hike Up To Kri Sorn Viewpoint


One of the best views you can get in Cheow Lan lake is at Kri Sorn Viewpoint, located on top of a vertical limestone mountain where you will be able to have a panoramic view of the beautiful glistering blue water of Cheow Lan lake and its surroundings.

To hike to Kri Sorn Viewpoint, you are going to have to make sure that your tour will take you there. Usually, a tour that stays longer than 1 night will provide you with the option to visit Kri Sorn Viewpoint but be sure to confirm it with  Khao Sok Travel  before booking.

The hike's difficulty is moderate with a nice 1.5 hours slightly uphill hike until you reach the base of the peak and then you will have to scramble up the steep mountain face for about 30 minutes before you arrive at the top. The last part is the difficult part and extremely tiring but the moment you see the view, all your tiredness will just evaporate away.

From this viewpoint, you will be able to see the true scale of Cheow Lan lake and why it is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Thailand. You can see the lake branching out in between limestone mountains like a lightning as well as floating bungalows and other long-tail boats dotted the blue-colored water. It is an incredible sight to see and one that is worth every sweat.

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