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Khao Sok


This tour is the best combination of adventures, refreshing and nature appreciation. It will take you to explore the area of Khaosok through Sok River. The local people will paddle the canoe and tell the story of their home, trees, stones, animals and mountains. Enjoy more by grabing Tarzan rope and jump jump to the nature pool in the middle of forest.

Price 1,000 THB / person

Canoeing Klong Sok River

Description: Canoeing is a very relaxing way to see Khao Sok from a different side. Our experienced English speaking guide take you on a canoe safari aong the Sok River. Genlty following the river you can see the natural beauty of Khao Sok, the evergreen rainforest and the limestone karsts.

Taking a canoe is also good to spot some wildlife. Birds and curled up snakes can be seen at tree branches. If you would like to try a bit canoeing yourself you're free to try!

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