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Khao Sok National Park

Everywhere we walk, mushrooms

can be found

As you make your way into Khao Sok National Park you will become immersed in one of the world’s oldest jungles. The geological conditions, high rainfall, and limestone karst formations have contributed to the emergence distinctive forest types and unique plant species. Giant thickets of bamboo, massive buttress roots, dipterocarp trees with propeller seeds that perform beautiful spinning descents from the canopy, the massive Rafflesia flower and a variety of wild mushroom await.

Mushrooms are Everywhere

Khao Sok Mushroom

Cookeina sulcipes
These colorful mushrooms, like many colorful fungus types, can typically be found in tropical and subtropical areas. They are small and tend to grow in clusters. Cookeina sulcipes also plays an important role, as it helps to speed up the decay of dead trees and stumps.

  • After a good rain, colorful caps pop up through the grass.

  • On dead stumps, orange-red clumps overtake the bark.

  • Under the leaves, colorful caps push them aside.

  • On tree trunks, wavy ridges bulge out like shelves.


All of these are the fruiting bodies of mushrooms and fungi. Everywhere we walk, mushrooms can be found. Mushrooms thrive in Khaosok everywhere.

The collecting of mushrooms and fungi within Khaosok National Park is prohibited. Please leave mushrooms and fungi undisturbed for all to enjoy.

Khao Sok Mushroom
Khao Sok Mushroom
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