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Where to stay in Khao Sok town Jungle Resort and Tree Houses

To make the most of your trip it’s worth spending a few days in the area.

It’s worth staying for one or two nights in Khao Sok town itself There are some beautiful resorts in the middle of the mountains, great restaurants and you can even rent motorbikes to explore the park yourself.

There are endless eco-resorts in Khao Sok, but one of my favorites is the Khao Sok Jungle Resort, located outside of the tourist area about 3km into the nature reserve. Its slogan is “the place for nature lovers”, and that is exactly what it provides!

The jungle vibe is incredible and the individual rooms are surrounded by greenery and peacefulness. It’s a perfect place to eat some good food, go for a relaxing walk, or do some yoga and meditation practice.

Khao Sok Travel also has a shuttle service to bring you into the town to explore further.

Another one favorites are the Khao Sok Treehouse. This is the perfect place to let out your inner child and stay in a real-life treehouse!

The rooms are built on stilts between the trees and the outdoor showers look over the canopy which makes for a really magical experience.


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