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Khao Sok Night Safari - This nocturnal journey into the deep, dark jungles of Khao Sok

Tour Timings 19:30 - 21:00 This nocturnal journey into the deep, dark jungles of Khao Sok provides an amazing opportunity to be serenaded by a symphony of cicadas or witness the casual crawl of the slow loris and other nighttime dwellers.

The jungle never sleeps. Bats flap about in the darkness. Frogs fill the air with their grunts. The moon and stars cast a pale light on the canopy.

One for more intrepid explorers, this evening journey wanders into the jungles of Khao Sok National Park after dark. Equipped only with a flashlight, you’ll set off into the jungle with your guide.

Venturing into the park after the sun sets is the only way to experience the nocturnal side of the jungle outside of TV documentaries. As you enter the park, the first thing that stands out is nature’s own orchestra, from chirping crickets to warbling birds and the stirring of Macaques and Langurs. Throughout this walking safari, you’ll be guided along well-trodden paths for a two-hour hike. There’ll be chances of seeing bats, frogs, deer and other jungle critters, but no one can predict exactly what you’ll encounter. For those with luck on their side they could encounter a wild elephant or even a leopard, although they are extremely rare.


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