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Ton Toei Bamboo Raft House

Ton Toey Raft House or Klong Pae Raft Located deep in the Klong Pae area on the southwest side of the Cheow Lan Dam. which is a point that is close to another important tourist attraction, Tham Nam Thalu

Ton Toey's accommodation is a bamboo hut. Traditional, harmonious with nature and filled with the most charm, here is the perfect place to relax in the midst of peaceful nature, fresh air and beautiful scenery. These wild animals frequent each other for tourists to see each other always.

Especially the wild boar and the hornbill, which the hornbill is a large bird that is an indicator of the fertility of the forest as well.

With the information mentioned above, this makes the Cheow Lan Dam National Park Raft a favorite of tourists, especially foreigners.

Paton Toey is also the location of the office. "Khao Sok National Park Protection Unit No. Kor Sor 4 (Khlong Pae)" as well

All rooms or rafts of Kraisorn rafts It has similar characteristics to other Cheow Lan Dam National Park rafts, that is, it is a bamboo cottage raft room with a thatched roof, giving the feeling that is most close to nature. The bathroom here is a shared bathroom.

This is popular with foreign tourists who are passionate about relaxing in a slow lifestyle.

In addition, the Kraisorn raft is also close to the point where the herd of wild gaur and all kinds of wild animals will come out to drink water. And find food where tourists can go to see animals and see the bull and the Kraisorn road also has a viewpoint activity at the Kraisorn Viewpoint view point which is located not too far from the raft The area around the viewpoint is characterized by a rock with a pointed top called Hin Kram Chang, a high-angle viewpoint that can clearly see the entire forest and the Ratchaprapha Dam reservoir.

Package 3 days 2 nights, 2 days 1 Night

Ton Toei - shared bathroom, 2 persons


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